Women’s Technical Sportswear

Women's Technical Sportswear

For the woman, Mello's offers a choice of technical sportswear for women made with the intent of knowing how to combine technicality and femininity. Products made with constantly changing materials and technologies that follow market trends in order to offer the best to their customers. Products designed to meet the needs of women who in the various activities that can be lived in the mountains mountaineering , ski mountaineering , skiing , snowshoes , climbing and trekking are looking for the right mix of performance and aesthetics. The range of products ranges from: women's sports jackets , women's sports trousers , women's fishing bermudas , fleece sweatshirts woman , women's fleece sweaters , women's tank top t-shirts . Through the depth of categories to choose from, nothing is left to chance to guarantee the best during physical exercise. FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL PURCHASES OVER € 200.