The history of the Mello’s brand

The Mello’s brand was created in 1986. The name stems from the Mello’s Valley, which is close to the Valtellina, famous in the world for its environmental attractions, hiking trails and, above all, for its climbing routes; so much so that it is widely known as “little Yosemite”.


A unique and irresistibly romantic peculiarity of the first historical Mello’s logo (the “big face”) is the original photographic shot showing a famous climber with a butterfly on his hand at an altitude of over 3,000 metres, intent on contemplating the relationship between man and nature. This was first of all affixed to climbing equipment and then to more technical equipment dedicated to rock climbing and outdoor activities in general.


It did not take long before the brand became widely known at international level, accompanying many famous mountain climbers up to altitudes of 8,000 metres. The Mello’s collections have always been designed and made – today more than ever – to provide end consumers with a product modelled for movement using the best and most comfortable fabrics available on the market, so as to achieve the goal of providing apparel that supports rather than hinders sports activities.


A help to small and large personal adventure projects, where reliability, safety, comfort and resilience are not an optional but a necessity. Our apparel is made for a modern consumer, but above all a consumer who is aware of what he/she is buying. A consumer of all ages, men and women who buy, for pleasure and safety, clothing which they appreciate has been designed by people with their same interests.


A team of people who, for work and passion, spend much of their time in the mountains, where the garments are able to express themselves at their best. A sort of motivation and stimulus by being in the company of a trusted companion. All this naturally without forgetting the desire to combine with technology a unique stylistic DNA capable of standing out from the crowd and finding itself a market position all its own.