Footwear, Backpacks and Equipment

Footwear, backpacks and equipment

A selection of footwear, backpacks and equipment could not be missing from our offer, alongside our men's technical sportswear and women's technical sportswear. The mountain shoes and boots are made in Italy to give you the best possible comfort. Here you will find hiking boots and trekking shoes perfect for excursions but also ideal for those who love to dress in a sporty way every day wearing a quality product for the materials and technologies used. Trekking backpacks and mountain backpacks are indispensable elements for those who are preparing for the next excursion. Where to put men's technical sportswear and women's technical sportswear of our brand if not in a backpack designed by us. High quality materials and attractive designs for a collection that covers the needs of shorter trips but also those of several days. Details designed to be close to the common needs of all of us who love to live outdoors.

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