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Mello’s Outdoor Technical Sportswear has been carefully designed to meet the different needs of outdoor activities. Whether you are a mountaineering, trekking, climbing or ski mountaineering enthusiast, you will find the perfect outfit for every occasion. Thanks to the combination of pure style and studied technical features, you will be able to fully enjoy your adventures without having to worry about your clothing.
Are you a fan of mountains, mountaineering, trekking and outdoor adventures? Do you want to make sure you have the right clothing to face your challenges with comfort and safety? Then Mello’s Outdoor Technical Sportswear is the answer to your needs!
Our technical clothing has been designed to offer maximum comfort and safety in every situation. The fit and choice of materials will allow you to move easily, guaranteeing total freedom of movement. Whether you’re climbing a rock face, exploring mountain trails or facing adverse weather conditions, you can count on Mello’s clothing to support you in every difficulty.
Our assortment includes a wide range of technical garments, including thermal jackets, lightweight fleeces, trekking pants, fleece sweatshirts, thermal shirts and much more. All our products are made with high quality materials, selected to guarantee the best performance in terms of breathability, thermal insulation and wear resistance.
And what’s better? You will enjoy free shipping in Europe for all purchases over €250! Choose Mello’s Outdoor Technical Sportswear and get ready to face your adventures with determination and style.
Visit our website to discover the entire collection of Mello’s outdoor technical sports clothing. Explore the various categories, take a look at what’s new and be inspired by our complete outfits created especially for you.
We are aware that the practice of mountaineering requires adequate preparation, and clothing is a fundamental component. For this reason, we have dedicated a specific section to Mountaineering Clothing, where you will find a selection of technical garments for both men and women. Tackle summer or winter mountaineering with confidence, knowing that you are adequately protected from climatic variations, thanks to layered clothing, an ideal concept for maintaining control of your body temperature in any condition.
Live your passion for the mountains and the outdoors to the fullest with Mello’s Outdoor Technical Sportswear. The perfect combination of functionality and design will make your every adventure a unique and unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore new paths and discover the thrill of being an integral part of nature, with the support of our high-quality technical sportswear.
Trust Mello’s, the brand that embraces your exploratory instinct and offers you maximum support in every situation. Explore the beauty of nature, let yourself be fascinated by the breathtaking panorama of the mountains and live every moment of your outdoor adventures with Mello’s Technical Mountain, Mountaineering and Trekking Clothing. We are here to accompany you in every step you decide to take, because the mountains are our habitat and the passion for the outdoors is what guides us in the creation of unique, high quality products.
Discover Mello’s Outdoor Technical Sportswear now!


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