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Winter is coming and for those who like to take time out in the summer enjoying the trails that run through the mountains, what could be better than continuing to do so with snowshoes on your feet. In recent years, snowshoeing has become the best way to fully enjoy the untouched snow-covered nature with the simplicity of an ancient approach. Having to move in an even wilder environment from a certain point of view, the selection of suitable clothing is essential to be able to safely approach one's excursions. Staying dry and warm without getting sweaty is essential. For this reason the use of breathable and protective fabrics gives us the opportunity to provide you with adequate answers between the sections Men's sports jackets / women's sports jackets , sweatshirts men's fleece / women's fleece hoodies , men's t-shirts and vests / women's t-shirts and vests and sweatpants for men / sweatpants for women .

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